Recycled Velvet Jewelry Pouches

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Contribute to the migration to a circular economy and choose these sustainable recycled velvet or velour look bags.

Most importantly, one of the biggest benefits is that they are only from recycled material. But what does that mean? It means that we are eager to use new sustainability options, which help reduce greenhouse gas emission, saves energy, reduces the use of landfills, and much more. Isn’t it great?

What is more, these recycled velvet bags are a feast for the eyes, they are very soft and luxurious, which means they are perfect for delicate and expensive gifts, such as jewelry, and are a great visual merchandising idea to expand your business on social media. Not only that, nowadays, every client is going green and demanding sustainability for their products, and what a better way to achieve it with these gorgeous recycled velvet jewelry bags, which are not only from recycled material but include lovely shiny satin cords that are the perfect match for every jewelry shop. We have the bags for you in black or red.

After all these reasons, what are you waiting for to get one for yourself?

Available sizes





Black, Red


Drawstring bag



13x18cm, 7,5x10cm, 10x15cm






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