L’IKE cosmetics Necessary to prove its naturalness

L’IKE cosmetics is an Italian brand, designed and manufactured entirely by ildykosmetiklab srl, present on the Italian and foreign markets.

This brand, thanks to the experience gained through the years and through innovative techniques, has a wide range of bio products (AIABs), dermatologically tested and with the highest quality materials focusing on the functionality of the assets to make every part of the benefits of the body.

In the realization of each product we strictly avoid the use of chemical agents such as parabens, petrolatuses, dyes and other harmful elements to the well-being of the person, all materials contrary to our professional ethics. In fact, for each product, the client is given the documentation necessary to prove its naturalness.

L’IKE cosmetics is also a perfume, enriches situations, makes dreams and can have an energetic or relaxing effect. The cosmetic Ike knows all the individual fragrances, pervading discreetly every environment with these emotions in Italian style.

Cosmetic Line for the protection, care and well-being of our loyal companions.
Their care is vital for a healthy life, and thanks to our expertise we have decided to formulate and design the LAIKA certified cosmetic line “BIO”

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